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Safety Is Paramount when Using ZTR Mowers

Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse Offers Essential Safety Advice for All ZTR Users


Warren, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2014 -- A job is only complete if it is completed safely. Sure, ZTR mowers are meant to save time, cut costs and reduce hassle, and it might be tempting for landscape professionals to cut corners for the sake of increasing efficiency, but the fact is accidents, injuries and property damage will set workers and business owners back more than if they had bypassed safety measures and ignored common sense.

ZTRs are powerful tools, so a degree of respect for these potentially dangerous machines is essential in making sure that productivity and well-being remain in balance at home or on the job. There is always time for safety.

Knowing the proper procedures necessary to ready equipment for use is a good way to begin cultivating a safe relationship between workers and the tools at hand. Owners and operators should begin by reading manuals and following manufacturer recommendations while keeping an open mind and applying critical thinking of their own. Properly and thoroughly training employees about safety before they go out on the job is a must.

Roll over protections systems (ROPS) used in conjunction with seatbelts are designed to mitigate the impact of disastrous events that could cause bodily injury. Ensuring that ROPS are securely set to the up position should be high on the checklist of equipment preparation duties. A seatbelt should always be used when ROPS are in place.

Of course, avoiding high-risk situations where ROPS would be needed is ideal. Steering clear of hazards and being generally mindful of obstacles and boundaries including hills, ditches and uneven terrain will help to preclude accidents. It is not safe to use ZTRs on slopes angled greater than 13-15 degrees. The same standard applies to ramps used when loading ZTRs and unloading from trucks and trailers. In addition, the operator should maintain a steady speed and smooth control of the levers.

A thorough walk-through of the property being maintained will raise awareness and aid in devising a strategy for efficiency, also allowing an opportunity to clear the mowing area of potential problem items like dog chains, rocks, toys and debris. It’s best to know what to expect.

Lawn care is noisy by nature, and sustained high decibel levels are a major cause of fatigue. Consistent use of hearing protection throughout the work day will keep operators alert and ready for whatever might arise.

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