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Anticonvulsants for Neuropathic Pain Market : New Business Opportunities & Investment Research Report 2025

Apart from carbamazepine, a number of new anticonvulsants in the market or in high quality clinical trials represent a new era in the treatment of neuropathic pain.

Growth of Casino Management Systems (CMS) Market Driven by Forecast 2025

The research report is a comprehensive review of the growth trail in terms of current, historical, and future prospects of the global casino management systems market.

Joseph Bograd Announces 4th Annual Holiday Toy Drive Event

LogoCompassionate and giving as ever, Joseph Bograd and his team of realtors are inviting locals to come out for the Bogradexperience 4th Annual Toy Drive Event. This year's event will be hosted on Sunday, December 17, 2017, at Uva Ristorante Italiano in Richboro, PA, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The event will unite friends, family, and children as the community donates towards the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Becton Dickinson Leads U.S. Infusion Therapy Device Market Fueled by New Regulations Increasing Replacement Rates

LogoAccording to a new series of reports on the U.S. market for infusion therapy devices by iData Research (, manufacturing and design defects leading to occasional product recalls hamper steady sales in the country. Furthermore, persistence of plastic PVC-based materials containing potentially harmful DEHP leaves customers in doubt and pushes them to other treatment options without the use of advanced medical devices.

Business Professionals Across America Suffering from Depression Can Be Treated with Restore Ketamine Infusion: Effective Treatment for Burnout and Depression

The World Health Organization reports that 17.5 million people, or 6.3% of the population of the United States are suffering from some form of depression, which makes the U.S. one of the most depressed countries across the globe. New reports reveal that American businessmen are among the high number of sufferers who are either unaware of their condition or actively try to hide their symptoms. The Ketamine Institute, who have opened the first Ketamine Infusion Centre in Pensacola, Florida are aiming to help businessmen in the U.S. to better cope with their demanding professions.

Educator, David Kinane Warns Parents to Think Twice Before Steering Kids Towards 'Computer' Careers

LogoThe ubiquitous high-speed internet and artificial intelligence (AI) may be the best technological advances since the industrial revolution fired up the Luddites 200 years ago, but many people are having trouble dealing with the pace of change.

Lightspeed Trading Announces Support for the Trading of Bitcoin Contracts

LogoLightspeed Trading serves as a leader in the day trading industry by staying ahead of industry trends and offering some of the lowest trading fees available. Using Lightspeed's highly customizable platforms, customers can trade a wide variety of financial products with low latency. The brokerage continues to roll out innovations and add features to their platforms, resulting in powerful trading tools that continue to give traders access to the newest industry developments.

Top-Rated Encino Pharmacy Provides Outstanding Medicinal Needs

LogoABC Compounding Pharmacy is an Encino pharmacy that delivers the best medical aid for patients. Each medication is designed for every patient's individual needs. This pharmacy holds their patients in the highest regard and works tirelessly to give them medications that are suitable for their needs. The Encino pharmacy knows how important patient's needs are; therefore they provide free shipping and delivery to those that are local to the area.

Ford Insurance Agency Brings the Best Rates on Auto Insurance in Moore and Oklahoma City OK

LogoMany car owners often think that everything ends with buying the car and their responsibility is over. That is not the end but the beginning of things. The next step to buying a car happens to be getting an auto insurance in Moore and Oklahoma City OK and there is one insurance agency that helps get the best deals on the same. Ford Insurance Agency is one of the best known independent insurance agencies that offer the best rates on auto insurance. Whether one drives on the highway, or off the road, Ford Insurance Agency works closely with a wide variety of insurance carriers for delivering protection at rates that one will surely appreciate.

GJK Building & Remodeling LLC Wins People's Hearts as Finest Custom Builders in Charlotte and Matthews North Carolina

LogoEvery home is different, and it reflects the lifestyle of the owner. There is one custom home builder in North Carolina that helps new homeowners get the home of their dreams. GJK Building & Remodeling brings their more than 25 years of service in the field of building beautiful homes for their clients. They have a good number of clients who are very happy with their work.

Holbrook Insurance Center Inc Offers Home Insurance in Laconia and Meredith New Hampshire for Condos

LogoHolbrook Insurance Center Inc. is an independent insurance agency that has been around for many years, and since the time they have opened their doors to the clients, the insurance agency has taken care of all the insurance needs of their clients. They have pledged to take care of their client's insurance requirements, and they have never failed to keep their commitment. Holbrook Insurance Center Inc. is an independent insurance agency, and that means that the agents are dedicated to working with the clients only. Being independent, they have the advantage of providing the best rates for their clients on insurance policies and help them make savings in the long run. There is no shortage of insurance companies, but not all can come up with policies that fit in with the need of their clients. Holbrook Insurance Center Inc. is a heart-winner in that regard. They work for their clients and not for any insurance provider. Their interest being their clients, their priority is to ensure that they have the perfect insurance coverage and at rates that they can afford. They don't have to make one product fit every need, and that is why whether it is home insurance in Laconia and Meredith New Hampshire, or life insurance in Braintree and Hingham, they will get that custom designed for their client.

Impact Landscapes LLC Offers Holiday Decor This Season

LogoThis holiday season if homeowners are looking for professional help with decorating their beautiful, landscapes garden, then there is one company that can help with the same. Impact Landscapes LLC is one company that is known as one of the premier landscape contractors in Burlington County and South Jersey. They have been in the business of beautifying lawns for their residential and commercial clients for many years. They have all the modern equipment to tackle all the small needs of landscape design that makes it simple for them to carry out their task with perfection. Landscape design is an art and needs to be carried out with precision, or else the elements won't sit well. Every property is different, and so the landscape design needs to be carried out accordingly.

Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC Expands to Chillicothe, OH

Price Family Eye Care Professionals LLC is pleased to announce that it has opened a second location in Chillicothe, OH. The family owned and operated vision care provider is delighted to begin welcoming patients from throughout the surrounding community.

Don't Let Meningitis B Ruin The Holidays – Give the Gift of Protection

LogoAs the holidays approach, the best gift we can give our families is good health. One important step in providing that gift is making sure our family members are up to date on immunizations. It's the surest way we can share the confidence that they are protected from diseases that could easily have been prevented by a vaccine.

Powersoft Launches Snapshot Selector App for Mobile Devices, Making It Easy to Recall Settings on Its X Series Amplifier Platform Without a Computer

LogoPowersoft has announced a brand new app for mobile devices, called Snapshot Selector. The free and easy-to-use app, now compatible with Android devices, allows users of Powersoft's X Series amplifier platforms to instantaneously recall a full slate of saved settings by simply connecting their phone to their amplifier with a USB cable. The app makes the X Series amplifier platforms an even more appealing solution for audio professionals, including in rental environments.

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche Brings Ancient Dharma to Cyber Age

With a strong online presence, Kechara House has succeeded in bringing Dharma teachings to those who have limited access to authentic Tibetan Buddhist teachers and Dharma resources close to where they live. Kechara House aspires to spread the work of His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche – the 25th reincarnation from an authentic and unbroken lineage that includes some of the greatest names and personages associated with the growth of Tibetan Buddhism over the centuries.

Kayal Orthopaedic Center Welcomes World-Class Rheumatologists

Kayal Orthopaedic Center is proud to welcome two renowned rheumatologists to its elite team of physicians who also specialize in orthopaedic surgery in Bergen County, NJ, and beyond.
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