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Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund Distributes More Than $825,000 in Student and Teacher Reward Cards

The Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund announced today that it has begun distributing more than 6,000 Reward Cards totaling approximately $825,000 in benefits to students and teachers in the Sumner County and Mulvane school districts.

Foundation of CMSC Awards Whitaker Prize for MS Research to International Student

The Foundation of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (FCMSC),( recently awarded its Whitaker Prize for MS Research to Albert Joseph, from The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. His findings “Right Under our Noses: Pathology in Central Nervous System Demyelinating Diseases.” will increase the understanding of the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis.

Expand Human Resource Now Offers Advisory Help for Employment Law in Uganda

Expand Human Resource now offers advisory services for employment law in Uganda to companies of all sizes and types. The company acts as an ardent consultancy to their clients which need advice on employment law. Employment laws of Uganda or any other country is a critical aspect and companies need to be very careful about its compliance as per established employment law of Uganda. Often managing employees as per the employment law becomes tough for the companies, and under such condition Expand Human Resource renders their valuable help in making their clients understand the nitty and gritty on the employment and their application.

Siem Reap Tour Guides Offers Multi-Lingual Tours in Angkor Wat Cambodia

Siem Reap Tour Guides and Mr. Navy Hoeun, tour operator, are pleased to announce that they provide customized tours in the Siem Reap Angkor Wat area. The tour guides in Siem Reap organization are focused on serving visitors who need independence and privacy during their travels. The Angkor tour guides can assist in taking good pictures during the tour, as well.

Kingsbuying.Com Offers High Quality Electronic Goods

There are various companies selling their electronic products online and this makes it easier for the users to get a proper idea of the trends in the gadget world. The product category features tablet PC, mobile phones, electronic accessories, consumer electronic goods, gadgets, networking and computer devices. There are home audio video products, car electronics, surveillance & security gadgets, cameras, camcorders, health and lifestyle items, video games and LED lights. In the Tablet PC range, there are numerous options in kingsbuying online store. Many China Tablet PC devices at various price range and facilities are available. These tablets cater to the needs of students, businessmen, job searching youngsters and game players. There is huge collection of different screen sizes where users can also watch their favorite movies. In the tablet section, the online retailer also offers some of the cheapest Windows Tablets irrespective of Windows 7 or 8. Discount offers are also provided on occasional basis and the product can shipped to doorstep of the user if required.

Syoptek Announces FREE Shipping on a Select Range of Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

Cleaning fiber optics on regular intervals is very important for flawless data transmission. This is the reason why high quality and functionally efficient fiber optic cleaning products are in great demand today. China based Syoptek International Limited manufactures and supplies a wide range of cleaning kits and products for fiber optics. They are now offering free shipping on a select range of products and one can learn more about the products on their website.

Avoid Missing Holidays at the Last Minute with Evisa Urgently Offered at

LogoGetting a visa for Vietnam is slightly more involved than getting one for other countries in Southeast Asia. Aside from a few, lucky nationalities that are exempt, few will certainly be denied entry if they turn up without a visa. Understanding this, is offering eVisa urgently services to individuals, families and businesses in need of Vietnamese visas.

Philippine Based Magician Conjures Filipino Parent Incentive Package Helping Vanish the Crush of This Tough Economy

Master children's comedian & magician David Breth & co-owner of the Philippine based entertainment website officially re-opened the doors to his popular kids birthday party magic show business called David Breth Magic.

HK Scarf Brings New Collections of Viscose Scarves & Pashmina Scarves at Wholesale Prices

HK Scarf offers a large range of scarves for women to showcase a new style and also to keep their body warm in cold conditions. These scarves are available at wholesale prices to the retailers all across the world. They also offer bulk discounts that can significantly enhance the profitability of a retail business. Launches Spring 2014 Collection for Worldwide Discount Shoppers

Women willing to purchase special occasion dresses at cheap prices will surely be attracted towards this announcement by The leading dress supplier now brings the Spring 2014 Collection that features exclusively designed dresses and which are available at whopping discounts of up to 70%. Launches to Help the Public Find Quality Financial Planners

In the modern world of instant fulfilment, where the mantra ‘live for the now’ reigns supreme, many people fail to take account of their futures and where they are headed, which can lead them in to financial dire straits later in life. To avoid such financial traps however, people need a level of expertise they cannot be relied upon to achieve unless they are a skilled accountant, which is why financial planners have such a crucial role in helping people achieve a comfortable future. Find Financial Planners Australia is the first site of its kind to offer recommended Financial Planners purely on the skill and reputation of their service.

Laser Hair Removal Australia Launched to Help People Find Reputable Service Providers

Laser Hair Removal is a relatively new technique that uses focused lasers to eradicate hair follicles, and provides a more permanent solution to getting rid of hair. Results may vary, but between 65-95% of hair is permanently removed by the process, and takes a fraction of the time of more painful procedures like electrolysis. This advanced technology is only safely applied in the right hands however, and many salons are offering the treatment without being certified. Laser Hair Removal Australia is a resource center that allows people to find certified practitioners in their area to ensure their procedure is risk free.

MOBE Announces 2014 Chicago Home Business Summit

LogoMy Online Business Empire, aka MOBE, the leader in home internet marketing development, is proud to announce that this year’s stateside Home Business Summit will be held at the W Hotel in downtown Chicago. The agenda, lineup and summit topics cover a wide range of important points for those new to the MOBE home business scenario and those familiar with the MOBE home-based internet marketing network for years. This year’s Chicago summit features a roster of the world’s most notable internet marketing personalities gathered in one place to offer an unsurpassed level of insight and advice for attendees looking to build or expand their home internet marketing empire. In addition to the pearls of wisdom provided by the industry luminaries onstage, those in attendance will receive further training with the speakers on a one-on-one basis, one-of-a-kind networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs and the ability to socialize and comfortably share the experience with other attendees and speakers.

Life Coach Offers "Listen to Your Heart" Teachings

LogoProfessional mentor and Life Coach Kristine Heart has released her "Listen To Your Heart" teachings for free.

Psychology Consultant Now Helps People with "Can't Sleep" Problem

Ensuring people with effective solutions and treatment for psychological disorder, Psychology Consultants now offer their helpful hands to people with can’t sleep problem. Better and sound sleep is the basic and utmost necessity, Psychology Consultants truly understands this and they offer psychological treatment to insomniac patients. Anyone who is having insomnia, which is caused by a number of factors can now have psychological help from Psychology Consultants through their highly trained and experienced psychologist. In addition to insomnia, they also offer treatment for psychological disorder such as anxiety, stress, depression, relationship, Medicare, trauma, work stress, and other such problems.

Champagne Sailing Assures Cruise of a Lifetime Across Sydney Harbor

LogoThose planning a trip across the spectacular Sydney harbor need not look further- leading Sydney cruising portal Champagne Sailing has assured the cruise of a lifetime across the most beautiful harbor of the world.

Carrington Real Estate Services Adds Laura Key to Its Long Beach, CA Team

LogoCarrington Real Estate Services, LLC (Carrington), a corporately owned and operated full-service national real estate brokerage committed to delivering exceptional customer service at the local level, today announced the addition of Laura Key to its team of agents serving buyers and sellers in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, West LA areas.
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