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Over-the-Counter Diagnostics Market Growing Due to Importance of Asset Management in Industry

The key players operating in the over-the-counter diagnostics market across the globe are emphasizing on enhancing their market presence.

Immunohistochemistry Market - Detailed Analysis of Restrain and Growth Factors

The global immunohistochemistry market is poised to make a bold statement with an impressive growth rate on the back of its irreplaceable application in the detection of the expression of different cancer biomarkers, such as PD-L1, NGS, RBM4, and SASH1.

The Moog Synthesizer IIIc Returns to Production

LogoThroughout the 1960s, Dr. Robert Moog collaborated with over 100 composers of electroacoustic music to create the synthesizer concept, born of thousands of design decisions and countless conversations. At the time, the available method of producing electronic music was the "classical studio," a makeshift production environment cobbled together from individual electronic sound-generators such as surplus telecommunications devices, radio equipment, and early tape machines. Moog and the musicians he worked with streamlined this classical studio technique into a system of standardized sound modules.

Normandy Catering Announces Partnership with Ariel Pearl Center and Ariel International Center in Cleveland, Ohio

LogoNormandy Catering, a leader in the catering and food service industry since 1978, is pleased to announce its partnership with the new Ariel Pearl Center and Ariel International Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

New Paracord Rifle Sling Aimed to Hit the Bullseye

LogoA never seen before Paracord Rifle Sling hits the markets. The new sling is a unique, one of a kind preppers kind of product. Acquires SEO BAM

LogoA cornerstone of Internet history, SEO BAM has been providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for more than 2 decades. Because of its longevity in the market, SEO BAM has primarily operated as a referral-based, or word of mouth business for most of its existence.

Mentor Capital Invests Second Tranche in Electrum Partners

LogoMentor Capital, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MNTR) is pleased to announce it has again provided $100,000 in special project financing for cannabis advisory leader Electrum Partners, LLC. "Since our first $100,000 round of Electrum funding in March 2014, the Mentor team has gained great confidence in the business model developed by Leslie Bocskor, who now sits on the board of directors of GB Sciences and Grow Solutions Holdings," affirms Mentor Capital CEO, Chet Billingsley. "Electrum now also holds interests in Signal Bay, Indoor Harvest, with options in MassRoots, Attis Trading, Infinite Message, and Island Breeze, plus advisory relationships with Kush Bottles and other cannabis leaders. Mentor's initial 5% convertible debt position has been nicely rewarded by these great advances by Electrum which made the request for a second $100,000 an easy one for us to say yes to."

TPM, Inc. Is Honored with BIM 360 Specialization

TPM, Inc. is one of only 23 Autodesk partners worldwide to receive the new Construction specialization to bring the full suite of BIM 360 product lines to market. Autodesk's vision is to help customers experience a seamless building process from initial design to construction to ongoing facilities management. The BIM 360 product lines are a major step in that direction.

Have a Drink, Save a Life! Taking Place at Paul's Tavern

LogoPaul's Tavern, a leading private party location in the Belmar, NJ region, is hosting Have a Drink, Save a Life! from 4 to 8 pm on Sat. May 13. This Be the Match event is meant to find stem cell and bone marrow donors for people suffering from cancer.

Achieve a Manicured Lawn and Outdoor Space with Commercial Outdoor Power Equipment Attachments

LogoCommercial attachments can help deliver that manicured lawn and outdoor space. Now is the perfect time for aerators, dethatchers and sulkies.

Bustamante Refrigeration Partners with BizIQ

Bustamante Refrigeration, a longtime refrigeration and HVAC specialist in the area, recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with BizIQ, a digital marketing firm in Phoenix that works with small business clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Zippy Bites Launches Two New Chocolate Energy Snack Flavors, Including Vegan-Friendly Dark Chocolate

Zippy Bites, LLC recently introduced two new flavors to its line of chocolate truffles infused with natural energy. The two newest Zippy Bite flavors are:

Industry Media Asks HomeSmart Owner About Building Efficiency Into Business Operations

LogoHomeSmart Broker, Bill Flemming, is known in the real estate community for being an innovator and marketing guru. His HomeSmart Connect Real Estate office, in Arlington Heights, IL, is growing tremendously while nearby competitors struggle to stay open.

TARSIER Launches PPP Program for Smart Cities to Replace Street Lights

Tarsier Ltd (OTCMKTS:TAER) has announced that is it working on PPP (Public Private Partnerships) agreements with several municipalities  worldwide to replace their inefficient energy consuming lights with NEW LED Lights.  The PPP's are 10 year agreements based on partnering on the savings; energy costs, replacement costs and maintenance costs.

Scotties Potties Partners with BizIQ

Scotties Potties, a company specializing in providing portable toilet rentals for special events, recently announced its partnership with BizIQ, a Phoenix, Arizona-based digital marketing company that works with small business clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Sam Pickren Air & Insulation Partners with BizIQ

Sam Pickren Air & Insulation, HVAC contractors servicing all makes and models for residential and commercial clients, is pleased to announce a partnership with BizIQ, a Phoenix, Arizona-based online marketing company that works with North American small businesses across a wide array of industries.

Laser Burn and Injury Claimants Receive Invaluable and Expert Assistance from Shires Law's Solicitors

There are now more cases of claims for compensation for personal injury due to laser burns and other injuries resulting from laser hair removal treatment. The procedure of removing hair through laser technology has been around for a while, but since the process was de-regulated in 2010, more salons are offering the treatment with technicians and therapists without any special or specific training or skill.
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