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HempMy Pet™ Announces a Clinical Trials Study Using Their Hemp-Derived CBD Oil to Manage Pain in Osteoarthritic Dogs

LogoIn Collaboration with Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and Downing Center for Pain Management

CrystalVoice Studio Joins the List of Practitioners to Bring Holistic European Breathing Method Stateside

LogoOn point for everyone from singers to athletes, an innovative mind-body approach to breath training makes its way to the US from Switzerland. Crystal Barron, founder of CrystalVoice Studio, is one of only 9 US practitioners in the US, and received her MDH Breathing Coordination Advanced Certification on March 4, 2019 after 4 1/2 rigorous years of study. Widely-known in Europe as a revolutionary way to train the voice, the game-changing breathing method doesn't stop there. It uses functional anatomy to bring myriad benefits to daily life. This training method not only increases one's ability to sing with clarity and vocal power, but it also reduces performance anxiety. So, why wouldn't it follow that the landmark breathing training also undergirds what too often seems to be unattainable - better focus and a calmer state of mind.

Lifelong Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, Ansif Ashraf, Assumes Ownership of Esteemed British Herald

LogoAnsif Ashraf, a lifelong entrepreneur and social philanthropist from India determined to outshine stereotypes and adversity in his pursuit to diversify his holdings, inventions, and business platforms, this week made a special announcement as he assumed leadership and management of the British Herald.

Seattle Police Arrest Nearly a Dozen People in Undercover Anti-Theft Operation

LogoLaw enforcement reports that the broad anti-theft operation used undercover officers from the Major Crimes Task Force Detectives and the North Anti-Crime Team officers. According to information provided by representatives of the Seattle Police, law enforcement obtained information that indicated that shoplifters were repeatedly targeting the Home Depot and Lowe's home improvement stores. Indeed, the information suggested that serious shoplifting was occurring at these two stores on an almost daily basis.

Vinterbro Tannlegesenter Says Dentist Dread Is a Thing of the Past Thanks to Their Pain-Free Services

LogoCreating every reason to keep one's pearly whites, A.K.A. teeth, in the best shape possible, one Norwegian dental office has cracked the code on patient comfort. Enter, Vinterbro Tannlegesenter. It's the dental office the Shabestari brothers built on the idea that going to the dentist can be, and should be, pain-free. Adding to their specialty of painless dental work, the brothers promise that patients will have no sensation of irritating numbness during the treatments as well. It appears the game changers with the innovative approach are upping the ante on an industry that is typically held at a dreaded arm's length. But how do they do it? They go to the teeth themselves for the answer.

US Tax Professionals in Vancouver Publish 4 Tax Deductions That Disappeared in 2018

Logo2018 tax reform in the US eliminated a number of deductions that many US taxpayers counted on to reduce taxable income, warns a blog published by US Tax Professionals in Vancouver.
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