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Educator, David Kinane Warns Parents to Think Twice Before Steering Kids Towards 'Computer' Careers

LogoThe ubiquitous high-speed internet and artificial intelligence (AI) may be the best technological advances since the industrial revolution fired up the Luddites 200 years ago, but many people are having trouble dealing with the pace of change.

Powersoft Launches Snapshot Selector App for Mobile Devices, Making It Easy to Recall Settings on Its X Series Amplifier Platform Without a Computer

LogoPowersoft has announced a brand new app for mobile devices, called Snapshot Selector. The free and easy-to-use app, now compatible with Android devices, allows users of Powersoft's X Series amplifier platforms to instantaneously recall a full slate of saved settings by simply connecting their phone to their amplifier with a USB cable. The app makes the X Series amplifier platforms an even more appealing solution for audio professionals, including in rental environments.

Fine Art Shippers Announces Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration with NYC Exhibition & Mitchell Schorr Art Show

LogoFrom shopping and modern art shows to dining and breathtaking views, Rockefeller Center is one of the most popular destinations for a true NYC experience. There is always something going on at this historic landmark, and this month is not an exception, as Rockefeller Center was chosen by Ferrari to host an open-air exhibition of important supercars, organized to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary. Fine Art Shippers were the lucky ones to become part of this significant event that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

American Signal Corporation Brings Hydrological Threat Detection Solutions to Zambia

LogoAmerican Signal Corporation (ASC) is pleased to announce that it has recently completed a project in Zambia, which includes i-FORCE 3200 solar-powered sirens, flood sensor kits and CSC960 station controllers. The project spans two sites for maximum protection against potential hydrological situations.

Cleaner, Safer Drinking Water, Anywhere

LogoThe Sawyer line of innovative water filtration systems grows today with the launch of the Sawyer Select™ Filters and Purifiers.  The new line combines Sawyer's signature 0.1 micron absolute Hollow Fiber Membrane filter with a proprietary Foam membrane developed in partnership with the company Foamulations™ to remove virtually all contaminants found in wilderness water.

Man Loses over 80 Lbs Eating One Meal a Day and Launches OmadDiet.com to Help Others Do It Too

LogoWho has time to count calories, meal prep, and lug low-cal meals around to be eaten at specific times of day just to lose weight? Sounds exhausting. So says, the man who deflated the status quo and lost over eighty pounds by eating once a day. Meet, Jimmy Swartz. He's the man who weighed in at 240 pounds and discovered an entirely new slim way of life just by being busy. Now weighing in at 160 pounds, his answer to deprivation diets is one high-caloric meal a day. That's right, according to Swartz pies, pizza, and pastrami can now be an everyday splurge.
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