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A trademark is a word, slogan, symbol or design that identifies a product or service offered. Trademarks are designed to distinguish said product or service from those sold by other parties. In general, trademarks law seeks to prevent confusion regarding the source of a product or service. As a trademark owner you may be able to block other organizations from using your trademark or a similar trademark in a manner that causes confusion.

Trademarks should be registered with a recognized trademark office. In some cases, rights to unregistered trademark may be obtained by using the trademark in commerce. A business registration does not indicate trademark right.

Submitting a claim of trademark infringement is a serious legal process that should not be undertaken until after you have attempted all other efforts. ReleaseWire highly recommends that before taking this action you contact the submitter of the content directly. Often by communicating directly with the submitter you can resolve these types of issues.

If you are not successful in resolving this issue you may choose to submit a claim of trademark infringement to ReleaseWire by completing the form below.

When a claim of trademark infringement is made, ReleaseWire will, when appropriate, disable access to or remove the content in question.

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