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Email Security Policy Reminder

It has been a long standing policy held by the editorial team of SBWire to not distribute press releases where the email address on the press contact is hosted by a free email service such as Gmail or Hotmail. Due to a sharp increase in submissions using Gmail email accounts, we are revising our editorial review process to help protect the security of our clients.

New Geographical Targets in the Philippines

In our continuing effort to expand our geographical reach we have added more geographical targeting options for the Philippines.

Feature Preview: Member Profile Display Settings with SBWire Spring ‘09

A cornerstone to the new SBWire Connect platform is member profiles. We will preview more of this feature in later posts.

Feature Preview: Enhanced Company Profiles with SBWire Spring ‘09

One of the areas of SBWire which we have spent a great deal of development resources on has been public profiles. The enhanced company profiles feature adds many new features that make it even easier for you to provide information to journalist and visitors about your company.

Feature Preview: Stored Payment Methods with SBWire Spring ‘09

We have added the option to store your payment information in the SBWire Account Manager for use with automatically billed subscription orders as well as single order checkout.