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A "Real Name" Culture and Your Privacy


An important element in developing trust with readers of a press releases is using an actual contact's real name and business name. Readers want to know who is issuing the press release. Journalist doing research on your business prefer having a direct contact person to reach out to.

As such, it has always been the policy at SBWire that accounts must included the registered users real first and last name. Recently we have noticed a great deal of accounts being created with aliases and business names. In some cases, we have noticed accounts being created with what appears to be search engine keywords in an attempt to use SEO techniques.

We understand that some users would prefer not to have their name assigned with a public profile. As a result, SBWire has had the option of changing how your public name is displayed on your member profile. For example, you could choose to have your name displayed as:

  • [First Name] [Last Name]
  • [First Name] [Last Initial]
  • [First Name] [Middle Initial][Last Name]
  • [Salutation] [First Name] [Last Name] [Suffix]
  • [Salutation] [First Name] ]Middle Initial] [Last Name] [Suffix]

SBWire also provides granular privacy control options for member profiles. Users can choose what is shared as well as who can view the content.

Today, we are adding more even more options to our privacy settings. Users can now choose to completely remove their public member profile from SBWire. This option can be found under the “Settings” > “Privacy” menu.

When selecting this option, all content on the public member profile will be removed. If the user chooses, they can reactivate their member profile at anytime.

If you have an SBWire account and you did not enter your real first and last name, we ask that you take a moment to update your account settings and include your real name.

If you have any questions about privacy settings or public member profiles please let us know. We are happy to help.

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