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Alerts And Newsfeeds Updated - More Powerful And Easier To Use!


The development team at SBWire has been working on an update to our “Alerts and Newsfeeds” service, which has launched today.

What are alerts and newsfeeds?  Alerts are email based news alerts that are sent to your inbox whenever a press release is distributed by SBWire clients.  Newsfeeds are RSS based newsfeeds that display new press releases distributed by SBWire clients.

Alerts and newsfeeds are customized to show new press releases based on the criteria you define.

Using the new alerts and newsfeeds tool, you can create a custom news feed that also sends email news alerts, thus allowing you to receive updated press releases in both RSS and email.

The criteria manager in the new alerts and newsfeeds system is much more powerful than versions past.  Now, you can completely customize what news is entered in to your alert and newsfeeds.  You can create as many criteria elements as you want to get the intended result.

Possible criteria include keywords (with optional advanced Boolean features), locations, industry, individual company and more.

Using this new tool, you could easily create an alert or newsfeed that includes all press releases from the Chicago metropolitan area (US), in the technology industry related to sales reports and trends in a matter of a few minutes.  It truly is that easy and powerful.

We have also added easy RSS subscription links to the alerts and newsfeed manager.  Now subscribing to your custom newsfeed is just a click away.

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