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Announcing New SBWire Features


During the evening of Tuesday,  June 8, 2010 we will be updating the SBWire service adding several new features and making several improvements which we want to make you aware of.  

This version of the SBWire service will focus on two main new features. The first is a new press release listing and viewing system with all new urls, including SEO friendly URLs for paid press releases.  

In the past, press releases could be viewed using an URL such as:{press release id}/

After the update, free press release listings will be located at:{press release id}.htm

Press releases submitted with our paid distribution service will benefit from new SEO friendly URLs such as:{press release title}-{press release id}.htm

We will be expanding this with several new features in the next version of the SBWire service currently in beta testing.

Additionally, we will be introducing a vastly updated section of our web site for journalist and bloggers.

The first improvement being launched is a major update to the news alerts system.  News alerts allow journalist and bloggers to quickly define what press-releases are delivered to them and how matched press releases are delivered.  

New features include:

  • New email delivery options including daily digest emails.
  • Updated keyword matching system with match type options such as “match all”, “match any”, “match phrase” and negative matching options, “negative word” and “negative phrase”.
  • New location matching options along with the already available area based matching system, an option to match based on the text found in the press release dateline is now offered.

In addition to the above features, there are many new features and improvements in this new version of the SBWire service. However, our development team is not slowing down, we have an additional major updated planned for release in the next two months.  

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