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Announcing Our New Press Release Ranking Algorithm - SBWire Quality Score


It has always been our experience that higher quality press releases get better results when read by journalists, bloggers and the general public. Lower quality press releases can actually hurt a small business’s public relations efforts. In fact, many journalists tell us that just one poor quality press release from a company; can cause a company’s future press releases to be discarded.

To help our clients achieve the best results, SBWire developed a set of editorial guideline as well as a content grading system. Today, we are launching our newly redesigned content grading system called SBWire Quality Score.

Announcing SBWire Quality Score

SBWire Quality Score is an advanced ranking algorithm, based on a combination of technology and human intelligence. Each press release distributed by SBWire is reviewed by our team of human editors who rank a press release on several quality factors. Additionally, our powerful technology reviews many common aspects of the press release and assigns additional changes to the overall SBWire Quality Score of the press release.

Press releases receive higher ranking based on many factors including the quality of the content, the newsworthiness of the content and submitting company and the level of detail provided. Other ranking factors include detailed contact information, inclusion of related images, views, audio files or documents, inclusion of geographical information such as geo tagging. In fact, there are over a hundred aspects that SBWire Quality Score incorporates.

What we are launching today:

All press releases distributed on SBWire, including past press releases are now ranked by SBWire Quality Score. Many pages on SBWire will reflect this change later today.

Future Plans:

In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out more featured placements for press releases that are distributed using SBWire Plus, SBWire Pro or our paid press release distribution service. Inclusion in these locations will be based on the press release’s quality score.

We will be extending the quality score algorithm to company profiles, user profiles and group profiles.

We will be extending the quality score algorithm to our search technology, providing higher quality press release search results to visitors.

For more information please visit our knowledgebase article at:

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