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Announcing SBWire Spring '08


I am pleased to announce that SBWire Spring ’08 has been launched. Spring ’08 represents one of the largest updates to the SBWire service we have ever done. There are literally thousands of updates that went into this update.

Some of the important new features of SBWire Spring ’08 include:

Organization Team Management

One of the most often requested features has been the ability to allow multiple employees for an organization to manage the organizations’ SBWire account. With SBWire Spring ’08, multiple users are now fully supported.

We took this concept even further. Not only can organization administrators grant access to their organization to other SBWire members, but administrators can also become members of other organizations.

Hosted Press room

One of the biggest obstacles many businesses face with their online media relations efforts is finding an effective way to make information available to journalists and editors in a consistent and easy to find manor.

Hosted Press Room solves this issue and more. Each SBWire member organization receives a free Hosted Press Room using our HostedPR Express service.

An advanced version of our HostedPR service that includes many additional features is currently in beta testing and will be available soon. HostedPR Pro will be made available as a subscription service with a seamless upgrade option from HostedPR Express.

To see HostedPR Express in action visit TEB Media’s press room at:

Media Database Management

SBWire has offered the ability to upload your own media contacts for use with news distribution for some time now. With SBWire Spring ’08 we took this concept and expanded on it greatly.

Now you can manage your media contacts online in a full featured management system. As your media database grows you can segment contacts into groups and as you distribute new press releases, you can choose to send your press release to your media contacts either using your full list of an individual group.

Best of all, media databases can now be shared with other SBWire users as needed.

There are many other additions in SBWire Spring ’08 which you can read about by visiting


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