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Email Security Policy Reminder


It has been a long standing policy held by the editorial team of SBWire to not distribute press releases where the email address on the press contact is hosted by a free email service such as Gmail or Hotmail.

Press releases should have a verifiable email address using the domain of the company or organization described in the content or their representative.

We have noticed a sharp increase in the number of submissions using Gmail addresses.  Many of these are submitted by 3rd parties on a service basis.  

While we encourage resellers and service providers to offer SBWire submission services, we must protect the security of all SBWire clients.

Beginning today, we will be revising our internal process when approving new press release submissions.   

In cases where a free email service is listed for the press contact’s email, we will ‘hold’ the press release and not distribute it.  We will immediately send a notification email to the submitter asking them to reply with a correct email address.  Once a correct email address is provided we will complete the editorial review process.

Press releases listed in Hosted News Room accounts but not distributed by SBWire will be temporally taken offline until a correct email address is provided.

Please review our security policy document located at:


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