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Expand Your Reach and Gain Visibility with New Media Outlet Features in ReleaseWire CRM


To boost our clients' media engagement efforts, ReleaseWire is happy to announce cutting-edge features and functionality of our apps. These enhancements apply to ReleaseWire CRM, ReleaseWire Connect, ReleaseWire NewsWire, and our new ReleaseWire Inbox app.

In addition to media contacts, ReleaseWire CRM now enables you to add media outlets to customized media lists. Using this feature, these media outlets can be included in ReleaseWire NewsWire press release distribution. You can distribute your press releases to all your media contacts, all your media outlets, both your media contacts and media outlets, or by a custom media list that you have created.

We've added new dashboard functionalities to ReleaseWire CRM and ReleaseWire Connect, making it easier for you to gain a full understanding of your interactions with each individual app.

Marketers and journalists can now enjoy new features that help them grow their social network. You can invite your professional contacts to join you on ReleaseWire Connect by either uploading a CSV File or importing contacts from your email account.

We have a new ReleaseWire Inbox app that includes all the functionality of our previous ReleaseWire Connect Inbox along with many new enhancements.

We've redesigned the press release manager within ReleaseWire NewsWire to make it easier to find and manage previously submitted press releases.

Other notable enhancements to ReleaseWire CRM include:

- Advanced filtering functionality for Media Outlets

- The ability to view, add, or edit tasks, notes, and media lists directly from an individual media contact or media outlet

ReleaseWire has made many other enhancements and improvements to help you expand your media engagement.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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