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Fakers Beware: SBWire Announces Trust Initiative


I spent a good portion of my career as a journalist, so I understand how important it is that our news comes from reliable, trustworthy sources. Now, as head of SBWire, I am fully aware that press release distribution services like ours must play a role in maintaining news quality.

That's why SBWire is implementing a "Trust Initiative" that includes enhanced technology and additional human review processes. We are working to ensure that the releases we distribute have been submitted by reliable, authorized sources.

Fake press releases are often designed to manipulate stock prices, but can also be used to intentionally damage a company's brand. Several high profile press release hoaxes have made media headlines, including last month's spurious report that Google was acquiring wireless internet provider ICOA.

We've worked hard to verify the authenticity of press releases we distribute, and our Trust Initiative will help us provide another level of assurance.

Under the Trust Initiative, SBWire tools will require content submitters to verify their identity and authority to submit press releases for specific organizations.

Additional tools will provide a way for resellers and PR firms to manage the chain of authority, allowing their customers to sign-off on profile changes and press release content.

In the near future, these tools will allow us to provide users with a visual "trust level" indicator for all the press releases we distribute.

Content submitters will also receive quality and accuracy scores in their company profiles, providing news organizations with an additional trust measurement.

The online news cycle moves very quickly, and it's critical that newswire services like SBWire take steps to block unauthorized users and prevent misrepresentation.

Media accuracy is vitally important to our economic and government processes. At SBWire, we believe our technology and online reach must be used responsibly in order to preserve media integrity and protect public interests.

Call me old fashioned, but I'm still concerned about the truth.

- Daniel Jones, SBWire founder and president


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