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Get Ready for SBWire Spring ’09 – The Best SBWire Yet!


We are pleased to announce that the SBWire development team is working on putting the finishing touches to the latest release of SBWire - the Small Business Newswire, called SBWire Spring ’09.

SBWire Spring ’09 is in my view the largest upgrade we have ever done.  This release offers a completely new look and feel for SBWire, fixes many site issues, addresses usability in many areas and offers many new features.

As we get ready for the launch of SBWire Spring ’09, we are going to preview some of the many new features on our blog in the next few days.  Here are some of the previews you can look forward to:

A Completely new Inbox messaging system, fully integrated into most SBWire features.  More will be added in the next release.

SBWire For Groups – Now groups such as professional associations or a local Chamber of Commerce can quickly setup a group hosted news room site.  

Vastly Improved Contact Manager – We have made many improvements to the SBWire Contact Manager, which is included free with every SBWire account. Now managing your internal media database is easier than ever.

Expanded Company Profile Management – We have made managing multiple company profiles easier.  In addition, an expanded privilege system makes it easy for you to give granular access to your staff to manage different aspects of your SBWire Company Profile.

This is just a small sample of the new features SBWire Spring ’09 offers.  Check our blog often over the next few days for previews and further information.

Daniel R. Jones
Managing Editor - SBWire


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