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Improve Results by Keeping Your Information Accurate and Updated


SBWire offers permanent hosting of press releases distributed using the SBWire newswire service.  This makes it easy for journalist, bloggers and visitors to quickly view a history of your company or organization’s news.  

In addition, many press releases distributed in the past remain very popular with web searchers and offer real value.

It is vital to keep your information accurate so that visitors are not greeted with a missing web page when they click on your links or a returned email when they send your press contact an email.
To help address this issue we will soon begin testing links included in press releases to verify that they are still valid.  If we find an invalid link we will alert you and request an update. Press releases that are not updated will be deactivated until the web addresses are corrected.

In addition, we are finding a great deal of email addresses included in press releases are becoming invalid.
To help solve this issue, we will soon begin sending a verification email to press contacts when a press release has been hosted on SBWire for over six (6) months.  The verification message will include a link that must be clicked on to verify the email address is still valid.  Once done, the press contact will not have to verify their email address again for the next six (6) months.
Additionally, we will be adding a form for requesting bulk changes to your press releases.  This will allow you to change your press contact’s email address for all of your press releases (or a subset) without having to manually update every press release.

If you have any questions or comments on how we can improve this service to provide journalist, bloggers and visitors with more accurate information please feel free to contact us.  We value your feedback.

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