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Just Launched: Enhanced Company Profiles


Today SBWire launched enhanced company profiles. SBWire company profiles are a powerful way to provide journalist, bloggers and the general public with detailed information about your business or non-profit organization. These new enhanced company profiles offer the ability to add a vast amount of information about your firm, while giving you full control on what is shared.

New features of SBWire company profiles include:

All New Locations Page: The new Locations page not only gives you the ability to enhance your primary business location listing with new maps and directions features, it also allows you to list multiple business locations for branch offices, retail locations or other business units.

Enhanced Company Overview and Details: The company overview and details pages have been separated into two easy to read pages with a greater level of detail.

All New People Page: In the past SBWire company profiles offered the ability to highlight users of SBWire who were members of your organization. With this update, you can now include biographies of any team member with greater detail. If the team member has an SBWire membership, their SBWire membership profile will be automatically linked.

All New Multimedia Page: Businesses using the SBWire Mediawire will now see their publicly shared multimedia content featured on their SBWire company profile automatically.

All New Social Media Integration: Businesses can now add their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube account information into their SBWire company profile making it easy for visitors to follow their updates.

Enhanced Privacy Control: Company administrators can now decide if their SBWire company profile will be indexable by search engines. Additionally company administrators can choose to completely disable their SBWire Company.

We created a knowledge base article to help company administrators take advantage of the many new features offered with enhanced company profiles.

To see these new enhanced SBWire company profiles in action check out our company profile.

As always, if you have any questions please let us know. We are happy to help.

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