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New Feature: Edit HostedPR Settings for a Press Release


The SBWire development team has added a new feature that allows you to set settings for your submitted press releases related to your HostedPR press room.

You can now change the status of press releases from ‘active’ to ‘inactive’ to hide display of the press release within your HostedPR press room. This does not currently effect the display of your press release in the SBWire newswire.

Additionally, you can now change scheduling settings for your press release. You can change the date and time that your press release is displayed within your HostedPR press room.

To edit these settings follow these steps:

  • 1) Log into the SBWire Account Manager
  • 2) Click on “News Distribution”
  • 3) Click on “Manage Press Releases”
  • 4) Find the press release you wish to manage and click “Manage”
  • 5) Finally, click on “HostedPR Settings”

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