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New Social Monitoring Tools Coming Soon To ReleaseWire


ReleaseWire will soon launch an all new social media monitoring tools, ReleaseWire Track.  We are looking for a select group of current ReleaseWire subscribers to help us complete our testing of this powerful new tool.

If you are a current ReleaseWire subscriber and would like to help us test ReleaseWire Track, please contact us today.

ReleaseWire Track includes full monitoring of social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

ReleaseWire Track monitors thousands of mainstream news and blogs.

Additionally, ReleaseWire Track monitors image and video sites such as YouTube and Instagram, public forum sites, review sites and more.

Finally, we will be adding features in the near future for monitoring custom news feeds and pages.

Pricing for ReleaseWire Track will be announced soon.  During the testing phase, approved testers will gain full access to ReleaseWire Track for free.

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