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News Alert for Journalists - New Features and Improvements - September 9, 2011


Today SBWire published an update to the SBWire service with fixes and enhancements to news alerts for journalist and bloggers.

Included in this update are the following changes:

- Delivery options have been separated to make it easier to find and manage the additional options available such as Twitter feeds.

- News Alerts are not fully integrated with our new news feed system. You may now choose the format of your news feed (currently RSS and Atom). Additionally, you may choose to receive the full text (default) or headline and summary of matched press releases.

- A new “View All” option for matching criteria allows you to see all of your matching options and how they interact together has been added.

- Added a new “Full Feed” option which will override all matcing critera and send you every press release distributed by SBWire.

- Alerts with no matching criteria may not be activated as they will not match any press releases.

- Fixed an issue that made it impossible to delete some matching criteria options.

New RSS / Atom Feed Options

The custom newsfeed for news alerts for journalists is now located at:{alertid}

If you prefer the news feed to use the Atom format, replace ‘rss’ with ‘atom in the web address.

If you prefer to not receive the full text of the press release, but rather a headline, summary and link to the online version, use the following web address.{alertid}

If you have any questions regarding news alerts for journalists, or SBWire in general please contact us. We are happy to help.

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