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News Profiles Backend Server Updates


The development team is pleased to announce that we have released the newest version of the News Profile Server.  The News Profile Server manages custom newsroom views, custom RSS news feeds and email alerts.

With this update there is one important change to the processing behavior of the news profile system.  

I In the past, if you created a custom news profile that had no matching criteria defined, the news profile servers treated the alert as a ‘match all’ alert.  We have found that this caused confusion with many users.  

Now, an alert with no matching criteria will not produce any resulting matches.  At least one matching criteria element must be defined.

If you would like to create a news profile that matches every press release distributed by SBWire you can still do so. To do this, add a Content Grade matching criteria as the single matching criteria in your news profile.  This will send all press releases at the Content Grade you selected or better to your news profile.

To manage your news profiles or to add new news profiles visit:

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