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Newsworthy Content - A Recipe for Success


Having an effective media engagement process in today’s fast paced news environment requires that your business distributes timely, relevant and unique press releases.

Often, many small businesses make the mistake of creating non-newsworthy content in an effort to stay in the minds of journalists and bloggers. The team at SBWire has found that taking this approach may have some benefits in the short-term, but in the overall media engagement process, this approach will become a huge barrier to future success.

Journalists and bloggers who receive non-newsworthy content from a business communicator, tend to filter out all future communications, including any quality press releases from the business the communicator represents. In fact, SBWire makes it easy for journalists and bloggers to remove an individual business from their inbound press release stream.

For this reason, SBWire is providing new guidance to our clients regarding newsworthy content. We want to make sure your business gets noticed by journalists and bloggers.

What type of announcements are newsworthy?

- New products and services by your company
- New hires and promotions
- New partnerships and joint ventures
- Business expansion such as new locations
- Event announcements and updates
- Milestones such as anniversaries
- Receiving awards and other accolades
- Expert opinion on newsworthy events which are relevant to your core business

What is generally not newsworthy?

- Sales and other product promotions
- Self-serving product reviews
- Background information on your business that is not tied to a current event
- Previously distributed content which is rewritten for the sole purpose of reissue

When submitting a press release to SBWire for distribution, our editorial team will determine the newsworthiness of the content and in some cases, may send the press release back to the submitting party for update if the newsworthy value does not meet our minimum standards.

If you have questions regarding what press release content would be newsworthy the editorial team at SBWire is here to help.

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