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Policy Update – Marijuana, Cannabis, CBD, Hemp and Related Products


ReleaseWire was recently contacted by our credit card processor and informed that they have a policy in place that restricts merchants, including ReleaseWire, from linking to, or providing information about, marijuana, cannabis, CBD, hemp and related products. 

As such, we have been instructed by our credit card processor that we must not only stop taking press release submissions on these topics, but we must remove any existing press releases and related content from our site.  They have provided us with a small window of time to complete this process or risk losing the ability to process credit cards. 

As such, ReleaseWire is forced to comply with their policy.  Today we updated the ReleaseWire's Editorial & Content Policy to reflect this change.

We have looked into other credit card providers, however many have the same policy or charge very high rates, which would effect all of our clients as it would force us to increase our pricing.

We want our clients to understand that this change in policy was not by our choice.

If you have any questions regarding this policy change please feel free to reach out to us.  

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