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Press Release Updates, Reissues and Revisions - Keep Your Press Releases Up-To-Date


It is not uncommon to need to update the content of a press release after it has been distributed. There are different reasons such as a minor correction, major changes to the content or the press release just needs to be refreshed as it has become out-of-date.

SBWire has support for these update scenarios:

Content Update: The most common type of update is a “content update request’. Using this service, the issuer of a press release may send a list of minor changes to the SBWire Editorial team. The editorial team will make the requested changes on the press release copy hosted on SBWire and SBWire Hosted.

Content update requests are offered as a free of charge service.

Reissue: SBWire offers a reissue service for clients who want to ‘refresh’ their press release. Using this service, the date of issue for the press release will be updated to the current day. This will have the effect of making the press release more visible on SBWire, SBWire Hosted and some 3rd party sites. However, the press release will not however be redistributed to SBWire’s syndication and distribution partners.

The reissue service is currently offered for $4.95 per reissue.

Revision: SBWire’s revision service is designed to make it easy for a press release issuer to quickly issue a revision to the press release, including content updates and corrections. With this service, SBWire will create a new press release, optionally displaying details on what has been updated, while redirecting the existing press release web address to the new version.

With the revision service, the updated press release will be redistributed to our 3rd party syndication and distribution partners whenever possible.

The revision service is currently offered starting at $9.95 per revision based on the selected distribution service.

Each of these new and enhanced options can be found by selecting “Update Content” in the press release manager.

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