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Release Date Scheduling Now Available in HostedPR


Customer feedback regarding our HostedPR press room service has been overwhelmingly positive. One feature however was requested often by our clients. We are pleased to announce the addition of release scheduling to HostedPR Express and HostedPR Pro as part of our updated press release submission process.

Release Scheduling allows you to set the date that your press release will be released to your HostedPR press room. This date is independent from the release scheduling for SBWire distribution.

Using release scheduling you can submit a press release in advance of the date and time you actually want it displayed in your HostedPR press room.

Release scheduling can also be used to put ‘archived’ press releases into your HostedPR press room. This allows you to offer your full archive of press releases to visitors of your HostedPR press room.

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