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SBWire Begins Full Beta Testing Of HostedPR Pro


Recently the SBWire development team announced that it had begun developing a paid upgrade to our HostedPR Express, hosted press room service.  We are pleased to announce that HostedPR Pro has begun full beta testing today.

HostedPR Pro offers many additional features not found in HostedPR Press including an online multimedia library, blogging tools, news coverage management, trademark policy management, media request management and much more.

HostedPR Pro also offers an extreme amount of customization ability.  Using HostedPR Pro you can customize almost every aspect of your press room, from colors, to menu items and placement.

We expect to make HostedPR Pro available to all customers in the first quarter of 2009.

We are still accepting applications to join the beta team for HostedPR Pro.  If you are interested in being a part of our beta team, please visit the SBWire Beta Center at for more information.


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