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SBWire CRM Improvements


We have updated SBWire CRM today with the following improvements and fixes:

  • Added new CSV import system that supports many of the new options of SBWire 5.
  • SBWire CRM distribution now fully supports the option to distribute press releases to the contacts work email, home email or mobile email based on the settings you enter in the contact record.
  • The "From:" address for emails sent by SBWire CRM distribution are now set to the name and email address of the press release media contact for the individual press release.
  • Your media contacts may not unsubscribe from receiving press releases from you by email or a web link.
  • Assigning and removing media contacts to contact lists is now available from the individual contact view.
  • A new report is available that shows the results of a SBWire CRM distribution including a list of email addresses that failed.
  • Email addresses which fail multiple times will be excluded from further SBWire CRM distribution requests.

SBWire CRM is available to SBWire Plus and SBWire Pro members. For information on upgrading your account please visit

If you have any questions regarding SBWire CRM please contact us.

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