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SBWire CRM v5 Preview


SBWire CRM, the fully integrated CRM application built into SBWire, is receiving a major overhaul with SBWire v5. We wanted to share with you some of the many new features along with some screen shorts of SBWire CRM v5.

In SBWire CRM v4 we focused mainly on contact management and integration with our press release distribution service. With SBWire v5 we are adding a full toolset of CRM management applications such as meeting scheduling, call logging and scheduling, task management, request management and much more.

Contact management has also received an large amount of upgrades. We have made it easy to created related data and schedules to contacts, improved the management of media list assignments and included more social networking tools.

Media outlet management has been completely redesigned with many additional data fields. Additionally, we have made it easier to get an understanding of the organization of the media outlet staff that you are tracking with SBWire CRM.

A new calendar option has been added to SBWire CRM v5 with day, week, month and year views to help you effectively manage your schedule.

Media request management is an additional new feature that makes it easy for you to track and manage requests from members of the media such as review product requests. Request management will also be integrated with SBWire Hosted (Formally Hosted News Room).

We have posted some screen captures of SBWire CRM v5 (currently in beta testing) for you to review. To view the collection click here.

One final note, if you have applied for the SBWire v5 beta team please be aware that we are contacting approved beta team members this week. We will be adding only a small number of testers in the first round. We will add new testers each week until SBWire v5 goes into public beta testing.

If you have not yet applied for the beta, please click here to apply.

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