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SBWire CRM v5 Preview - Media List Sharing


When we designed SBWire CRM, we wanted to make it social, so we integrated it with SBWire Connect, our social networking platform built into SBWire. Using SBWire Connect, you can share media lists you create in SBWire CRM with other SBWire users and they in turn can share their created media lists with you.

By sharing a media list, you make it easy for your connections to distribute their press releases to your media contacts. By doing so, your name and company name is not included in your connection’s press releases.

With SBWire CRM v5, we simplified the process of sharing your media lists. Now, you can quickly see how many users have access to your individual media lists, share your list or remove a connection’s access to your list.

We have created a collection of screen captures of the new SBWire CRM Sharing Center. Click here to check them out.

SBWire v5 is currently in beta testing and will be released in the first quarter of 2011. If you are interested in becoming a member of our beta testing team please let us know.

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