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SBWire Service Update: April 12, 2012


Today we updated SBWire, adding many new features and improving ease-of-use in many areas of the service including SBWire Connect member profiles and messaging, user privacy settings, SBWire Credit transfers, and subscription management. Many of these enhancements come directly from user feedback. Release notes below:

IMPROVED: SBWire Connect Messaging:

SBWire Connect Messaging has been complete redesigned with many new features added.

We added a new "Priority Inbox" feature along with the ability to flag messages as being either high priority” or “low priority”. Messages marked as high priority will be displayed in the inbox and in addition, the "Priority Inbox".

Messages which are unread will now appear in bold in your message lists. You now have the ability to mark messages as “unread” when viewing them.

You may now choose to delete messages or archive them. Deleting a message completely removes it from SBWire Messaging, where as archiving will show the message only when you select “archived messages” from the view selection option when listing messages.

You can now forward messages to other SBWire users.

You can now report received messages as spam.

IMPROVED: SBWire Connect Member Profiles

We completely redesigned SBWire Connect member profiles to make it easier for viewers to learn more about you and your professional experiences.

Along with the new redesign we added many more options for you to share more about your professional experiences with the new “Professional Profile” option. Now you can share your professional experience, specialties, interests and awards and recognition

You can now share your information such as your instant messaging accounts, telephone numbers and social media accounts.

We also update the privacy manage to include more control options over what is shared on your SBWire Connect profile.

IMPROVED: SBWire Credit Transfers

We improved SBWire Credit transfers to make it easier for you to send and receive credit transfers from other SBWire users. SBWire Credits are pre-paid credits that can be used to purchase SBWire services at a later date.

IMPROVED: Subscription Management

We updated the subscription settings feature making it possible to change which stored payment method is used for your subscription services.

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