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SBWire v5 Preview - Press Release Scheduling


Current customers of SBWire’s paid press release distribution service have had the ability to manually schedule the release date for their press release or allow SBWire to automatically schedule the release for the next business day.

With SBWire v5 we are enhancing this feature greatly. (View Screen Captures)

For manual scheduling, we have updated the system to now be based on the customer’s local time zone.

For automatic scheduling, we have added many new features.

Now you can indicate if you wish to have your press release only distributed on a weekday, or allow distribution on Saturday or Sunday.

You may also indicate if you wish US holidays skipped.

Finally, we added a feature for separation of release dates. Using this option, the automatic scheduler can be set to require a minimum of one hour or one day between press releases for your organization.

We welcome your feedback on these new features. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

Join the SBWire v5 beta team!

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