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SBWire v5 Preview - Press Release Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Settings


One of the important new features of SBWire v5 is the ability to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Today we are pleased to preview the new SEO settings options for press release submissions.

Using the new SEO Settings menu (View Screen Captures) you can define what type of URL your press release uses. You can choose from a standard URL, headline based URL or keyword based URL.

Title URLs use the full text of your headline to generate the URL of your press release. For example:

Keyword URLs use either one or two keywords you define to generate the URL of your press release. For example:

Standard URLs are not search engine optimized and do not include unique features based on your press release. For example:

Using the SEO Settings menu you can define the keywords used for your press release’s HTML page (META Keywords). These keywords are also used to help locate your press release on SBWire when visitors do a search.

To make it easy for you to define the best keywords to use for your press release we have included two new tools. The first, reviews your press release content and provides you with a list of the most used keywords along with how many times the keyword appears in the text (View Screen Capture). Common words are automatically removed from the list. Using this tool you can select keywords not already in your keyword list and automatically add them.

The second tool works the same way as above, however it can suggest keywords based on any web page you choose (View Screen Capture).

Another feature of the SEO Settings menu is the ability to define the title of your press releases page on SBWire. By default the page title matches the headline of your press release. You may choose to enter your own page title to match your search engine optimization goals.

Finally, you can now define the description (META Description) used for your press release’s page on SBWire.

We welcome your feedback on these new features. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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