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Securing your SBWire Account


Today SBWire launched an update to our service to provide our customers with even greater control over the security of their SBWire account.

Now, if you enable the login notification feature, located in the security settings menu under the profile settings tab, we will include the approximate location of your Internet connection when you login.

Below is a sample of the email you will receive each time soneone logs into your SBWire account:

Greetings John,

A successful login to your SBWire account was completed on
Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 8:48 AM CDT.

Login Details:

User Name:
IP Address:
Host Name:
Location: New York, NY (United States)

Additionally, you will be able to view a complete log of all logins to your SBWire account even if you do not turn on notifications.

To enable this feature, visit:

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