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Sharing Company Profiles With SBWire Connect Just Got Easier!


We have made a change to company profile sharing which we believe will make it easier for company profile administrators to share access with other SBWire users.

Company profile sharing is a feature of SBWire Connect, our social networking system built into SBWire.  In the past, when you wanted to share a company profile with another SBWire users, you had to wait until he other user approved your connection request.

Now, you can immediately share your company profiles with other users right after you send the user a SBWire Connect connection request.  

Because SBWire provides the flexibility for company profiles to be managed by other SBWire users with complete control over which aspects of the company profile they can administer, we do ask that members do not duplicate company profiles.  

For more information on SBWire Connect and sharing of company profiles, we recommend the following knowledgebase articles.

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