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Statistics Update - August 22, 2011


Today, SBWire updated the basic Statistics page offered to SBWire Basic, Plus and Pro members. This page outlines the traffic your press release has received from the moment it was distributed by SBWire.

We have divided Statistics into two main categories, onsite and offsite views. Onsite views consist of only page views from by human browsers. Onsite statistics are broken down by visitors who viewed the headline and summary of your press release, in most cases from an RSS or Atom news feed, and those who viewed the full press release content from either the press release page or our full text RSS and Atom news feeds.

The second category of statistics is offsite views. These views include press releases included on 3rd party web sites (currently only a small percentage of these statistics are collected), syndication sites, RSS and Atom syndication services, database sites and services, search engines, API data collection and other indirect press release views.

Like onsite statistics, offsite views are divided into headline and summary views and full text views.

Additionally, we now include statistics on press release actions such as the number of times it has been shared on social media services from within SBWire, the number of times the press release is printed on SBWire, and the number of times the press release is sent by email by a visitor of SBWire.

Please Note: We are currently processing a backlog of offsite page view data. We expect to have all records processed and active your account manager within the next 24 hours.

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