InstallAware Is First to Market With a Tool Targeting Microsoft’s Open Source WiX Platform for Building Windows Installe (MSI) Software Installers

InstallAware Launches WiXAware, the First (and only) IDE for Microsoft WiX.

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2007 --InstallAware Software Corporation has launched WiXAware, the first and only commercial IDE for building software installers based on Microsoft’s WiX (Windows Installer XML) technology. WiX is known as being Microsoft’s first open source project, and contains a command line compiler and linker for parsing XML source files and building Windows Installer setup packages. Internal Microsoft teams use WiX to build world-class installers, such as the Microsoft Office installer. However, the native WiX toolkit as maintained by Microsoft and the open source community is purely command line, which can make it difficult to work with. Until today, there was no industry-strength IDE for WiX.

“Our customers demanded a simpler way to work with WiX projects, and we delivered,” says Agustin Berge, Director of Development at InstallAware. “Formerly industry leading brands like InstallShield or Wise have yet to release a WiX tool, despite the overwhelming demand for a WiX IDE. We have beaten both these companies to market with our WiXAware tool, the first commercial-grade IDE that makes using WiX second nature.”

The WiXAware IDE features two main views. The first of these is an XML editor, full with modern conveniences such as code completion, code folding, syntax highlighting, multi level undo/redo, and intelligent tool tips. This dedicated XML editor enhances productivity by recognizing all WiX language elements, suggesting and auto-completing WiX tags, and accelerating the coding cycle.

The second view of the WiXAware IDE is called the design view, and parses the underlying XML project into a completely visual presentation. Similar to programming languages like Visual Basic and C#, where applications are rapidly prototyped using drag-drop controls on visual design surfaces, WiXAware lets developers use any of the 23 pre-built design views to generate XML code. Software installer settings such as files to install, shortcuts to create, and so on can be designed visually, with the WiXAware IDE automatically generating the underlying XML source code for WiX. Any existing WiX XML source code file may be opened in the WiXAware IDE, and inspected/updated visually.

The developer has complete freedom in switching between these two main IDE views, and both the designers and the XML source code are always kept in sync. “WiXAware is the only IDE to offer visual dialog editing for WiX at this time,” adds Berge. “This complex task is made much easier by using our visual form editor, which of course emits the necessary WiX code automatically in the background. Our IDE also features other helpful tools and wizards, such as a Custom Action wizard. Another inherently difficult Windows Installer challenge is solved using our step-by-step Custom Action wizard, which again produces the correct WiX XML code seamlessly.”

“In keeping with the InstallAware tradition, we are once again launching a disruptive innovation,” says Simon King, CEO of InstallAware Software Corporation. “When we first released InstallAware in 2004, it was unmatched in its features like partial web deployment, MSIcode scripting for Windows Installer, and 50% better compression. While our competition has yet to respond to these innovations introduced almost three years ago, we are taking our offerings to the next level, and offering a brand-new IDE for WiX. Now developers will be able to use the same technology that Microsoft uses to build their own software installers internally.”

WiXAware is available today for immediate online ordering, priced at $499 for new users, and at $349 for users upgrading from InstallShield or Wise tools. A 30 day time limited trial and more information is available at

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