Digital Music Distribution and Social Networking Website for Music Artists and Industry Professionals, is Launched

With the popularity of talent discovery from media outlets such as “American Idol”, the demand for talent discovery resources has climbed to an all time high. has designed technology to help the Music Industry discover talent and generate revenue at the same time. is the newest model in guaranteeing unsigned artists record label exposure.

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2007 --RMJ Global LLC., (, a fast-growing social networking & e-commerce platform, announced its new website launch today. The new site was unveiled on January 1, 2007, with features and functionality that allow artists to sell music and send demos to any record label executives of their choice. is on the cutting edge of social networking & e-commerce solutions that have exploded over the past year. offers its users a chance for a record deal by facilitating the submission of music demos directly to major record label A&Rs. A&R stands for “artist & repertoire”, and they are the record label executives tasked with discovering/signing new talent. The demo review service guarantees users will receive a 30+ word written review of their demo within 20 business days. In addition to the A&R demo review service, eMusicBlast allows unsigned artists and independent record labels to sell music online through the music store.

“We wanted to design a system that uses the most powerful and proven web-based models to provide services to our users in real time,” said Richard Moore, president of The social networking aspect of eMusicBlast allows users to build a free professional artist or industry profile which serves as a gateway for posting images, audio and video files while networking with other members via integrated messaging technology. “The social networking aspect of eMusicBlast is what establishes our value. What sets us apart is our community combined with our e-commerce platform.” is currently the only online service that guarantees demo reviews by top music industry A&Rs. The unique business model blends direct e-commerce models with the social networking structure. “Our philosophy as a business is that the site contributors are the customers and vice versa. While keeping that in mind, each customer-contributor relationship should always be in a win-win scenario.” It’s a win for artists getting major record label exposure and it’s a win for record labels generating revenue while scouting new talent. “We do not interfere in the artists’ relationship with the record labels. We are only here to facilitate a place for those relationships to begin.”

For free, members have access to post audio, video, want ads, photos and events, as well as view their rankings in the top 10’s & top 100 and more. With the free membership each user is a part of the community where unlimited messaging allows users to keep in constant contact with each other. The direct e-commerce platform of eMusicBlast guarantees each user a specific result in real-time. Any member may select to purchase a demo review that guarantees them exposure to any record label A&R of their choice. The A&Rs that review demos on eMusicBlast are from major record and entertainment companies from all over the world. These A&Rs have entered into agreements to write 30+ word music reviews within 20 business days. Some of these A&Rs include Conrad Dimanche of Bad Boy Entertainment (Notorious B.I.G., P. Diddy & more), John Ozier of Curb Records (Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes & more) and Sabrina Montgomery of BME Recordings (Lil’ Jon, Lil’ Scrappy & more). has done the task of making the biggest record labels in the industry accessible to anyone with a computer. With the emergence of the community, demo review system, and electronic music sales, talent discovery now has a new outlet in a secure environment.

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