Invented by a 3-Year-Old, the Worlds First Autonomous Pet Training System the Purrfect Pup Comes to Indiegogo

An invention direct from the mouth of babes, a new system that keeps man’s best friend in check comes to the crowdfunding space.

Louisa, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2018 --With a "Why didn't I think of that?" tact, the world's first autonomous pet training system makes its way to Indiegogo. Created by an uncommon trio, a three-year-old, a top GE engineer, and the lead engineer behind the Xbox, the handy dandy device is a game changer for the pet industry. Enter, The Purrfect Pup™ System. Marking territory, it uses a patent-pending sensor that emits an ultrasonic pet-friendly warning sound to train cats and canines via Bluetooth technology. The new dog product helps keep pets out of harm's way and improves common behaviors like chewing, begging, digging, jumping, and bark control; not to mention getting into the trash and drinking from the toilet. Leave it to a kid in the digital age to inspire change in the world of dog training, right?

With one proprietary smart charm to attach to the collar of the pet and three beacons to place on off-limit areas, The Purrfect Pup System goes to work. For use indoors or outdoors, the device has an adjustable boundary range of six inches to six feet. When a pet approaches the boundary area, the charm encourages them to leave with an immediate ultrasonic warning sound. If they don't instantly leave, the warning sound increases in volume and frequency. Water resistant, small, lightweight, durable, and entirely safe for dogs and cats alike, this looks like an affordable pet trainer for pet owners.

Jared Vasold, Founder, and CEO of Purrfect Pup said of the crowdfunding campaign launch, "When our dog ate something out of the trash that sent him to the vet's office we had a thought. Since our small sons respond to consistency and encouragement, our dog Dozer could benefit from that too. This wearable dog trainer helps pets stay away from the things that hurt them with consistency and gentle encouragement. It's a fashionable win/win."

The team behind the multi-functional pet product have also integrated bark control, the ability to update and enhance remotely, and are developing autonomous potty training and other advanced features for the second generation device.

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