Voice-Changing Engine Enhances Online Games, VoIP and Multimedia Applications

Screaming Bee has created an enhanced voice-changing engine for Online Games, VoIP and Multimedia applications. The new engine is designed to benefit any 3rd party vendor who needs voice-modification.

Middleton, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2007 --Screaming Bee LLC is pleased to announce the development of a second-generation universal voice-changing engine. The digital technology, which powers MorphVOX Voice Changer, is now available for companies wishing to incorporate this capability into their products.

The new engine offers enhanced audio quality, background cancellation, and noise reduction. This provides superior voice modification for any software, hardware platform or device.

“In addition to the capabilities of the original engine, we have enhanced the audio quality and added background cancellation and noise reduction,” explains Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee. “This provides a clean sounding voice-changing component that can be plugged into any application.”

The voice-changing engine can modify a speaker’s voice to an infinite number of target voices. It can readily change the voice pitch and tone quality in real time. The engine is capable of applying a large number of audio filters to simulate vocal and environmental effects. It also features high-quality voice conversion while maintaining low resource usage.

Designed to be modular from the ground up, the voice-changing engine can be utilized by any outside vendors who require this technology. The engine can be plugged into software products on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. In addition, hardware devices such as PDA’s and cell phones could tap into this voice-modifying capability.

The voice-changing engine benefits many applications that already exist. The engine can be integrated into online or console games to provide in-game voice morphing; this allows gamers to more easily slip into character. Multimedia studios and call centers can tap into the unlimited number of voices that the engine can create, saving potentially thousands of dollars. And finally, voice-changing functionality can enhance telecommunications, allowing callers to communicate using a wide range of voices.

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