CodeGear Moves to InstallAware

Newly formed CodeGear (tm) chooses InstallAware for delivering the newest versions of Delphi®, Delphi® for .NET, C++ Builder®, and C# Builder® tools. InstallAware Express is now bundled with CodeGear’s developer products as the installer tool of choice.

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2007 --CodeGear, formerly the Borland® Developer Tools Group, is now using InstallAware in the upcoming new versions of CodeGear’s legendary developer tools, including Delphi® and C++ Builder®. A special developer edition of InstallAware Express will also be bundled with select CodeGear products, offering CodeGear developers free access to the latest in software installation technology.

“Just like CodeGear, InstallAware is all about developers,” says Sinan Karaca, President of InstallAware. “InstallAware is revolutionizing the setup authoring space today, the same way Borland revolutionized software development in the 80’s and 90’s. We see a great deal of synergy in working with CodeGear: the same way TurboTM made programming fun for an entire generation, InstallAware makes setup development fun and enjoyable.”

InstallAware features a two-way integrated IDE, employing the same RAD concepts found in the widely popular Delphi IDE. As developers visually design their setup, InstallAware creates code in the background automatically – the same way Delphi creates Pascal code as components are dropped onto a form. When developers want to fine-tune their setup, they just switch to the MSIcode view, which is InstallAware’s high-level script describing all the setup actions carried out at runtime. The InstallAware compiler then converts this high-level MSIcode script into a logo-certifiable, standards-compliant Windows Installer MSI package. The developer doesn’t have to know anything about the underlying Windows Installer technology. Working with MSIcode requires no programming skills, unlike error-prone custom action authoring or database work, which are otherwise staples of Windows Installer based setup engineering.

While other installation tools also offer scripting, these scripts run separately from the main setup; this makes it very difficult to build powerful setups with intelligent decision making at runtime. “Using InstallAware’s MSIcode, we have drastically reduced the need for creating custom plugi-ns,” says Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist at CodeGear. “Our InstallAware setup dynamically defines the features and files to be installed. Instead of building, maintaining, and shipping separate installers for all the languages, IDEs, and product editions that we offer, we are now able to build and deliver a single install image. This has dramatically reduced our integration workload along with reducing our costs.”

“Electronic software delivery (ESD) will be playing a larger role in the way we deliver our products going forward. InstallAware will be powering our new ESD functionality in the Delphi and C++Builder products,” adds Michael Swindell, Vice President of Products at CodeGear. “We will be able to increase internet delivery flexibility and performance providing customers with instant access to features based on electronic software purchases. Our goal is to make the user experience for both trial evaluations and electronic purchases as simple and flexible as possible. We evaluated a variety of installation and delivery technologies and InstallAware had the right features, performance, and technology for our requirements.”

CodeGear benefits from other InstallAware-exclusive features. Partial Web Deployment enables users to download an independent setup that works without forcing an Internet connection, while still retaining the capability to download optional components from the web at runtime. LZMA compression produces setup packages typically 30%-50% smaller than Windows Installer’s native CAB compression. A streamlined prerequisite installer processes all technology frameworks (such as Microsoft.NET) as part of the main install routine, without launching individual and confusing setup windows for each runtime component.

InstallAware is available in four editions, with prices starting at US$199. A time limited trial and more information is available at

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