Famatech Announces the Release of a New Version of Its Popular Radmin Remote Control Software.

Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2007 -- Radmin is one of the best Windows-based remote control solutions. It allows users to work remotely on up to several remote computers simultaneously using a simple graphics interface. This new version has a wide range of new functionalities, which some analysts are referring to as "capable of bringing the remote access software to the new level".

Radmin 3.0 was one of the first remote controls to be fully compatible with Windows Vista. That means that the program can correctly and flawlessly work under Windows Vista and other Windows OS, beginning from Windows 2000.

One of the most impressive innovations is DirectScreenTransfer technology or its common name for a Video Hook Driver. This new technology provides unprecedented speed with a minimal CPU usage. The major advantage of DirectScreenTransfer is that it receives data directly from Windows, before it ever gets to the Video RAM. The deployment of DirectScreenTransfer not only seriously increases screen updates per second but also significantly decreases CPU usage and requirements for computer resources.

In November of 2006 Radmin's DirectScreenTransfer video capture driver has successfully passed Windows compatibility test and received a digital sign from Microsoft. Multiple test results conclude that DirectScreenTransfer works flawlessly with all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 to all the way through to Vista.

Among many other technological innovations of Radmin 3.0 its new text and voice chat systems deserve special recognition. These new modules allow users to communicate securely in real time and even hold online conferences. Both types of communication channels may be open for everyone or could be password-protected. This new communication functionality together with the remote cursor shape support make Radmin to be fully applicable for demonstration and presentation purposes.

Another important feature of Radmin 3.0 is its extremely reliable security system, which provides a very high level of data protection from interception or different types of malicious attacks. Radmin 3.0 demonstrates a remarkable increase of security due to its integration with professional developments such as Windows Security, 256 bit AES data encryption for all data transferred, NTLM/Kerberos and Active Directory support. The new increased levels of Radmin Security protect all the active data on the network. Access rights are individual for each user.

Radmin 3.0 supports multiple monitors and multiple simultaneous connections to the same computer. Other functionalities include the following features: supporting fast user switching for Windows XP and Vista; folder management in Radmin phonebook; scan for available Radmin Servers; mouse wheel support and many others.

For more information please visit Famatech's web-site: http://www.famatech.com

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