Google Books Now Included In Online Reference Collection at offers millions of genealogy and historical books for family history research

Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2007 --Millions of books have been launched at through Google Book Search, allowing genealogists access to a huge collection of genealogical and historical works.

“We feel fortunate to be able to use Google’s technology and their investment in book scanning to bring genealogy and historical content to our customers. With plans to scan millions of volumes, this is one of the greatest online genealogy research tools ever created,” said Paul Allen, CEO,

Searching for ancestors in these books at is easy and is accessible by typing in the name of the individual into the search box. Any books that contain matches for the individual will appear in the online reference collection, along with the results from our other online databases.

“We are showing innovation and providing a genealogy- specific Web mashup (type of collaboration in which multiple technologies, content, or applications, are combined with relevant, user-requested data to make a new product or service), and Web 2.0 features, as well as a better experience for our users than has ever been available before,” said David Lifferth, President, is constantly looking for solutions to help its members succeed and to connect them with the best research tools.

“With the simple touch of the search button on our site, any of our visitors or members are immediately provided with as many related links as possible to their queries,” said Yvette Arts, Director, Content Acquisition, “With the addition of the Google Book Search to our unique record collections, we now offer a broad spectrum of relevant content.”

Each Google book is free to access if it is public domain content, out of copyright, or if the publisher or shareholder has given permission for the book to be accessible for free. These online books are downloadable and can be saved, and printed as a PDF. All of the books have been made available through publishers and libraries.

“There are millions of public domain books that are extremely valuable and rare and are now available at These are not just English books. These are books from all over the world, and we are including them in our global search results at Many of these books are extremely valuable to genealogists because of their historical personal data. We consider this a huge edition to our online collection,” Lifferth said.

Each online book contains a section that lists bibliographic information, such as the title, author, subject and publication. Full text of some of the books is available at Other searches contain links that the user can click on to buy or borrow the book. Many individuals have tried out the search and have discovered links to their past through these Google books.

“I have a famous ancestor named Richard Pace who came from England in the 1500’s. He was an English diplomat of the Tudor period. I was curious to see if I could find information for him at I did one search for him and found a lot of actual letters that he had written to various cardinals. I was fascinated by the information I found on him and felt a connection to him that I had never felt before. It was really exciting,” said Brad Pace, VP Marketing,

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