InvestorPO Launches a Complete CRM Solution for Real Estate Investors with the Goal of Nurturing Client Relationships and Closing More Deals


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2019 --InvestorPO, a customer relationship management (CRM) service designed especially for real estate investors, has announced the launch of the latest version of their platform that gives investors access to the tools and processes that help them more successfully run their businesses and build valuable client relationships.

IPO is focused on delivering highly personalized, automated and intuitive CRM services to real estate investors in the United States. In their most recent update of the platform, the InvestorPO team was driven by the company's motto, Automation with a Human Touch.

InvestorPO's Multi-Touch Funnel System adapts each message as a lead transitions through phases in the selling and buying process. Following-up on leads with a personalized voicemail, a perfectly timed follow-up text message, a hand-crafted postcard and a highly targeted email. Each message is fully customizable, but already precisely written to elicit a response. All fully automated and within InvestorPO, so users never have to look to third-party software to execute their relationship management processes.

With its goal of delivering all the services an investor needs to build and nurture relationships in one package, InvestorPO offers a wide-ranging portfolio of services designed to help streamline the process of running a business. Services included in the platform are inbound lead capturing, personalized campaigns, 360-degree social profiling, tracking phone numbers, automated follow-ups, custom questionnaires, landing pages and email and SMS property blasts.

The InvestorPO team has taken an innovative approach to delivering all of the services listed above. Unlike other CRM systems on the market, InvestorPO offers additional features to further streamline client communications and make it easier for investors to target leads. Unique features to InvestorPO include automated tasks by job roles, multi-user support with role-based access control, heartbeat notifications, free comp reports, Google Maps and Street View property viewing, process management, inspection reports, built-in electronic signature agreements and enhanced KPI reporting.

"We are excited to deliver a CRM solution that was created by real estate experts for the real estate investor community," said Robert Syfert, founder of InvestorPO. "We built IPO to offer an intuitive, all-in-one client management platform that helps nurture meaningful buyer and seller relationships through personalized messages that are delivered with a human touch, so investors can forge stronger client relationships and close more deals. Thanks to InvestorPO, gone are the days where real estate investors had to invest in a number of tools to help them accomplish their communication and process management goals."

InvestorPO offers three service packages to meet the needs of any sized real estate business. To find out more about InvestorPO and their innovative CRM platform for real estate investors visit

About InvestorPO
InvestorPO is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management solution, built from the ground up specifically for Real Estate Investors. What makes them unique is their ability to manage the entire process from within the system, from initial contact all the way through closing the deal, by leveraging every conceivable way of moving a prospect through the sales life cycle.


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