PubHTML5 Delivers E-Catalogs with Clickable Buttons Using Sales Catalog Software

Users can create digital sales catalogs with clickable buttons such as videos, hotspots, audio, and slideshows and define the button actions to allow viewers to access to more information while interacting with the product or brand.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2019 --Catalogs help to showcase business products or services. They offer detailed information as well as relevant product images and specifications to help customers understand the products better before making a purchasing decision. To reach broader audiences, digital catalogs should be designed in a spectacular way that makes audiences feel involved. The internet is currently the ideal platform for marketing products and services, and e-catalogs can help in boosting brand visibility. The sales catalog software from PubHTML5 equips users with tools to design compelling digital catalogs that speak to audiences in a unique and fascinating way.

"Our software helps users reach out to millions of viewers through various platforms and networks," said Jason Chen, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of PubHTML5. "Once they design their catalogs with rich media, quality content, and other digital enhancements, users are allowed to share their projects in multiple outputs with online and offline audiences. They can also publish them on the PubHTML5 cloud platform, and create as many bookcases as possible and embed them into their website to showcase their products."

The sales catalog software is not just a tool, but a mechanism through which users combine ideas with excellent features to come up with projects that transform viewers' perceptions about specific products and services. PubHTML5 has plenty of media assets including e-commerce icons, videos, links, hotspots, flash images, buttons and shapes that can be embedded into the catalogs to explain products in an attractive way to the viewers. The multimedia contents added can be viewed on mobile devices, making it easy to connect with many viewers through digital sales catalogs.

"Adding clickable buttons to digital catalogs helps users make their catalogs more engaging and interactive," continued Mr. Chen. "It also helps to increase traffic to their websites as viewers click the links to search for their desired products. Buttons help to arrange the messy links to give viewers direction when searching for particular products or pages. Our software helps users embed these clickable buttons into their catalog pages and also define the button actions to open the audio, video, URL or slideshow, among others."

PubHTML5 has a collection of sales catalog examples on various subjects to provide design inspirations for creating captivating e-catalogs. The sales catalog software has outstanding features that help users design gorgeous digital catalogs that can be customized according to their ideas. The different stylish templates come with different layouts and themes. Users can change background colors, toolbar colors and font colors to reflect their brand and even add company logos to their catalogs to create brand awareness.

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