Illinois Solar Incentives Continue to Improve


North Hollywood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2019 --No matter what state you call your home, going solar can be a viable and rewarding option for you. Many states offer solar rebates and incentives for the home and business owner, and more states are certain to offer rebates or incentives in time. Even if your state doesn't offer solar rebates, you may still be eligible for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Many states allow you to earn and sell credits for the electricity your solar panel system produces.

Founder of Green Solar Technologies, Nicki Zvik, notes, "The green energy movement is strong and growing, and the solar industry is robust. But many people remain unaware of the benefits that their state may offer to those switching to solar energy. They think of solar to only be a smart option for people in states like California and Arizona, but Illinois, surprisingly, actually offers some of the best solar incentives in the nation."

Illinois isn't a state that readily comes to mind when considering a switch to solar energy, but the state's benefit offerings equal or surpass those of states more commonly known for advocating private solar energy investment.

One popular incentive Illinois offers to those who choose to go solar is the Adjustable Block Program. In short, the Adjustable Block (AB) Program allows owners of solar panel systems to sell the energy they produce as Renewable Energy Credits to utility companies. Illinois currently requires 1.5 percent of total energy generation to come from solar energy, and because of this utility companies rely on residential solar energy systems to produce a portion of the needed quota.

Similar to the AB Program, Illinois also offers a net metering incentive which means that the surplus energy a home or business owner creates with their photovoltaic (PV) system generates credits the may use when they need to connect to the local grid on a rainy day or at night.

On a larger scale, the Federal government is also currently offering a Federal Investment Tax Credit to PV system owners who qualify. This essentially takes away 30 percent of the cost of the PV system after rebates through 2019. After 2019 ends, the credit will drop to 26 percent, then to 22 percent in 2021, and continuing to taper off.

Beyond state and Federal incentives, certain solar companies, like Green Solar Technologies, also offer their own generous incentives to go solar.

"We try to offer what we can in terms of rebates and incentives so that installing a high-quality solar energy system is as affordable as possible to our customers," says Nicki Zvik, "One thing that makes Green Solar Technologies unique is that we offer $2,000 toward our customers' new roofs when they go solar with us. Plus our panels are American-made, so we can ensure that each system we install is top-notch."

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