Vancouver Junk Removal Company Offers Yard Waste Removal to Homeowners Tackling Spring Clean-Up

Vancouver junk removal company offers small load hauling as a solution for homeowners who need to dispose green waste

Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2019 --Spring has sprung. Or at the very least it's probably trying to beneath all the leaf mould, twigs, and miscellaneous debris that has accumulated in the yard. To help out, 365 Junk Removal in Vancouver is now offering a new green hauling services that meets both residential and commercial needs. For more, go to:

Almost every household in Vancouver produces green waste. This ubiquitous category covers items such as twigs, brush, and lawn clippings, which is different from organic wastes (usually related to food).

Green waste needs to be picked up and properly disposed of, but municipality rules tend to differ from region to region. This can make it difficult for homeowners, who may be left wondering what to do with half a dozen bags full of assorted twigs and pinecones.

Green waste typically includes:

- Twigs, mulch, brush, and weeds
- Shrub pruning remnants and lawn clippings
- Leaf collection
- Holiday trees and plants
- Vegetation, such as flowers, vines, and plants from landscaping or gardening
- Organic materials such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and other edible products

So, what can be done with green waste? Landfills won't take it, and organic waste must be handled separately. Leaving the green stuff to accumulate and decompose naturally probably isn't an option. Besides impairing spring growth, this debris can clutter up drains and storm sewers, leading to much bigger problems.

As a year-round junk removal service in Vancouver, the technicians at 365 Junk Removal offer responsive, reliable service with pick-ups scheduled around client needs. More importantly, budget-friendly options are available for small hauling requirements, like people who have a few bags of assorted green waste. The technicians at 365 Junk Removal will sort out green waste before hauling it to the right drop off points, thereby providing homeowners with a convenient and environmentally responsible method of green waste removal.

Leaving the green pick-up to 365 Junk Removal means homeowners can get back to the enjoyable part of gardening, like potting the herbs, colour coordinating the annuals, or just enjoying the majesty of being outdoors. Contact (604) 365–0428 or to request a quote or book an appointment.

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