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Ossining, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2019 --Integrated Storage Technologies recently installed and commissioned a 30kW / 64kWh battery energy storage system in Ossining, NY. This project is the closest indoor commercial lithium-ion installation to New York City. Because of limitations in the local grid, this battery system allows the PV system to produce more energy when the sun is bright and high.

Solar and energy storage systems save money for building owners and serve as terrific examples of how clean, renewable energy can provide resiliency to help our community during blackouts or extreme weather conditions.

"We take buildings that are considered smart, and make them genius. Our proprietary controls monitor electricity costs and usage and make decisions when to charge and discharge the batteries, maximizing energy savings for our customers. In some cases, we can save customers 50% or more on their monthly peak demand charges," said CEO Cory Mourer. "We can string up batteries in our energy storage systems to power just about any building in New York City for hours, and in some cases a day or more. There's an option to back-up critical loads, dedicated outlets, an elevator shaft, and emergency lights in case of blackouts. We're quickly moving into the future with our technology."

The project supports Governor Cuomo's initiative to meet an energy storage target of 1,500 megawatts in New York State by 2025. With the closing of the Indian Point Nuclear facility, which currently services 25% of NYC's electricity demand, systems like this are going to be increasingly important to the stability and health of the electricity sector in the New York City area.

"In many cases, we charge the batteries at night, and discharge during the day. This may sound simple, however the technology, algorithms, and machine learning processes that goes into our systems are very complicated," notes Mourer. "Our Chief Technology Officer Dr. Michael Herman received his Doctorate in Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Tulane University and has an extensive background in the energy industry. No small detail is overlooked."

IST's energy storage system uses data drawn from the building, and matches it with many variables when sizing and engineering the controls for each project they install. "We've built a proprietary analytical tool which analyzes a building's electricity usage over several months to a year. Through our analysis, we can determine system size, system savings, and project requirements immediately. Currently we will run analysis on any medium to large commercial, industrial, or high-rise residential building at no cost to prospective customers."

Energy storage is also playing a vital role in the reduction of pollution from natural gas peaker plants located throughout New York City during demand surges. (Read more here about the use of batteries replacing peaker plants in New York City)

The more energy that can be released from batteries charged at night, the less power plants must ramp up to meet daily demand. This ramp up time contributes to enormous pollution, wasted labor, and wasted resources.

"New Yorkers know all too well the devastating impact of climate change, and we have taken bold action to slow its effects and invest in the energies of tomorrow," Governor Cuomo states during his announcement of a similar installation which was published on NY.GOV. It is the Governor's goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030,

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