Seattle Document Scanning Service Urges Businesses to Contemplate the Hard Cost of Paper Documents

Document scanning service in Seattle cautions that the total cost of Maintaining paper documents and files can be deceptively high


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2019 --As a document scanning service in Seattle, the team at Micro Com urges companies to consider the real costs of maintaining paper documents. With labor costs on the rise, paper isn't terribly efficient. Converting paper files and records to digital records can save businesses both time and money in the long run. For more, go to:

When an office relies on paper records, only one person at any given time can have possession. Everyone else has to wait until it's available unless photocopies are made, which is a waste of paper, toner and eventually space. Additionally, if files need to be sent to another office or facility, postage has to be factored into the equation. And what happens if the documents are damaged or misfiled? There can be tremendous headaches involved in securing original copies—if they're available at all.

Digitizing paper files can minimize (or eliminate) almost all these issues. There are many advantages to working with digital files, but the key benefits are durability and distribution. For example, consider files that are scanned into a PDF format with Word Searchable Text. Once a digital file is created it is never misfiled. Set up the file with a unique name or number, such as a company name or contract number, and place it in electronic folders. Almost anyone can locate it quickly and easily by entering the relevant keywords.

If a file needs to be distributed, it's easy to share an encrypted email—or share through services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. In no time at all, the relevant party will have file access for fast and easy collaboration.

When evaluating the cost of digitizing business records, it's important to remember that there are hard costs when it comes to doing things the old-fashioned way—and these are ongoing. Setting up digital files makes record keeping faster, easier, and more secure.

To learn more about quick and easy solutions for document digitization in Seattle, contact Micro Com Systems Ltd today for a free quote and assessment. No matter the amount of material that needs to be digitized, these scanning professionals will find the right solutions for any business.

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