SAMI-Aid Online Platform Revolutionizes Healthcare Using Technology in the Bay Area

SAMI-Aid: Your Guide to Navigating the Complex World of Healthcare


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2019 --SAMI-Aid, the Bay Area's newest Healthcare Solutions online platform, is poised to revolutionize the delivery of basic medical and health services for patients without insurance. SAMI-Aid uses internet-and-telemedicine-based technologies to offer a portfolio of services and a dedicated telephone-based concierge that is available to offer healthcare support. The platform was recently launched to cater to underserved patients of the Bay Area community and provides immediate affordable healthcare choices with transparent pricing.

Telemedicine and Referral Services
SAMI-Aid's innovative approach to the use of technology in medical care is largely made possible by the use of telemedicine services, and a pay-as-needed approach to medicine. Telemedicine is the remote triage and diagnosis of patients using telecommunications and information technology. The use of smart devices will allow for the gathering of meaningful patient data that can help remote and local medical professionals gain better insight about a patient's current state of health. This allows medical professionals to perform accurate patient assessments and to formulate successful care management strategies. Should a patient choose to see a local physician, we can recommend a physician or urgent care facility nearby and what to expect for pricing.

SAMI-Aid's member patients are given access to a spectrum of medical services without having to pay for an insurance plan. There is a wide range of telemedicine services available for member patients such as a 24/7 Nurse Advice Line, Nutrition and Diet Advice, Remote Patient Monitoring, Disease Management Services, Mental Health & Addiction Triage, First Report of Injury Services, and Wellness Assessment Services.

Primary and Urgent Care/Follow-Up
SAMI-Aid also provides members a tool to choose medical care services based on price and location with the Medical Provider and Price Search feature, which compares physician and procedure prices from the member's portal. Also, if a doctor recommends diagnostic imaging services (CT, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound, etc) or Lab work (blood tests, urinalysis, etc) SAMI-Aid can provide affordable, accessible choices that members can use to price shop.

Other Services
The online platform offers other ground-breaking services, such as a Pharmacy Guide Service for members searching for pharmacies based on urgency-of-need, location and price. Sami-Aid's EMR Cloud Storage Service allows member patients to upload, integrate and retrieve their electronic medical records in a secure, portable and accessible manner; the EMR Cloud is protected and fully HIPAA-compliant.

SAMI-Aid is also pioneering its Medical Tourism Concierge Service, an essential service that allows member patients to explore other countries for medical procedures and care that might be more affordable than those offered domestically. All of the international medical facilities in the SAMI-Aid Medical Tourism feature have been thoroughly researched and are guaranteed to offer high-quality medical care and safety.

SAMI-Aid aims to use the power and convenience of technology to allow patients who may not have access to insurance and may not have the physical ability or financial capability to seek out professional medical care.

"Insurance companies and other powerful interests have spun webs to catch unsuspecting healthcare consumers and suck away their financial lifeblood, so to speak," said Bijan Farhangui, CEO and founder of SAMI-Aid. "I'm on a crusade to disrupt that system and untangle those webs so that everyone feels empowered to elect healthcare on their own terms."

To learn more about SAMI-Aid Healthcare Solutions, visit their website.

About Bijan Farhangui
Mr. Farhangui has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Throughout his career, he has launched a number of successful medical diagnostic products and services. He is the owner of several Bay Area medical imaging centers and has previously held executive management positions with ADAC Labs, Becton-Dickinson, and Abbott Laboratories. A former Booz-Allen & Hamilton management consultant, Bijan holds an MBA from the J.L.Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

About SAMI-Aid Services, Inc.
Founded by healthcare entrepreneur Bijan Farhangui, SAMI-Aid is a low-cost, innovative and market-driven, fee-for-service medical resource and referral network dedicated to providing groundbreaking tools to empower patients to take charge of their own health. The acronym SAMI stands for Smart Affordable Medical Information. SAMI-Aid is based in San Jose, California.

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