LIVALL Sponsors Winners of Riding to the Moon with Qinghai Lake Bike Tour

The tour provides the most comprehensive cycling experience for its participants


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2019 --LIVALL sponsors its winners of the charity activity called Riding To The Moon with a 7-days tour in China from July 9th to July 15th, 2019, as a conclusion of this international bicycle hobbyists' event.

LIVALL is the world's first smart cycling helmet manufacturer, which provides both functionally rich and aesthetically pleasing helmets and accessories to maximise riders' safety. With its focuses on technical innovation as well as customer-centric designs and services, it obtained over 30 awards and over ten certifications internationally.

Last year, this leading smart helmet brand initiated a global event called Riding To the Moon, which was a charity project to promote safe cycling, eco-friendly living, and personal fitness. During the activity, all participants used the LIVALL apps to recorded the distance of cycling and contributed to the total mileage of 768,880 km, which was the approximate distance from the earth to the moon. Furthermore, LIVALL also donated $1 for every 100km completed to a registered children charity which promoted transport safety awareness.

LIVALL provides twenty free seats to those who contributed the most mileages in this event. With the incoming renowned bicycle competition—Asia Tour 2019 happening in Qinghai Lake later this month, LIVALL begins to fulfil promises by taking their winners with the most bike-relevant trip.

The tour starts with gathering in Xining, Qinghai, where the LIVALL team will pick up their winners to settle down in one of the best hotel in the area and prepare for the trip. The company has organised several short trips in Qinghai. These short trips include visiting the Qinghai Lake Erlang Sword Scenic Area in the second day of the tour, which there are opportunities to closely see the famous Riyue Mountain and the Daotang River. Furthermore, there is a bike trip arranged for our winners, where they can ride from the Erlang Sword Scenic Area to Xihai Town. To ensures everyone's safety when enjoying the unique views in Qinghai, LIVALL provides high-quality bikes and helmets, as well as cars accompany with the group to safeguard all visitors.

Since LIVALL also sponsors a professional cycling team to compete in the Asia Tour 2019, the participants of the trip will also visit LIVALL's training site and closely engage with the team and experience the professional training process. On July 14th, the date when the tournament begins, LIVALL invites visitors to watch the first stage of the Qinghai Lake bike race and conclude this tour as a bike hobbyist.

LIVALL stands with smart and safe cycling through introducing innovative products, sponsoring profession teams and helping charities to promote safety awareness. It welcomes everyone to take part in its future events and provide stimulus to redefine safe cycling.

As the world's first smart and safe cycling helmet brand, LIVALL is dedicated to smart sports equipment, specialising in the development of smart helmets, a riding community mobile application, nano cadence sensors, smart bicycles, and smart accessories. With its main focus on product innovation and user experience, they have received recognition from the industry and their end-users. They have also been granted 30+ awards and medals in China and overseas. They currently own 170+ domestic and homeland patents and have obtained 10+ international certifications, including CPSC1203, EN1078, CE, FCC, NCC, ROHS, BQB. With their products exported to more than 60 countries internationally, LIVALL has set up offices/subsidiaries in Hong-Kong, Auckland and San Francisco respectively.

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