Bay Insurance Helps Senior Citizens with Medicare Supplement Plans in Fort Myers and Lakeland Florida

Thousands of seniors across the country will be trading in their Medicare Supplement Plans for original Medicare. Bay Insurance is a company to assist senior citizens with the right Medicare Supplement Plans.


Fort Myers, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2019 --With approximately 47 million seniors living in the United States, Medicare Supplement Plans are becoming extremely popular. It is designed to bridge the gap between an original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Usually, this plan comes up with a wide variety of options from A to L and covers different types of medical plans. However, it is essential to note that since the government manages these plans, there's not much of difference in terms of benefits between plan E from two different companies.

The average age to be eligible for this policy is 65 years. However, it also benefits the disabled receiving a disability benefit from the government since the past twenty-four months.

The other most significant criteria to get hold of this policy is losing employer coverage. According to the rule, this policy should be bought within 63 days of missing the employer coverage. The best thing about it is that during period one gets a guaranteed acceptance.

Consequentially, the chances for an insurance company to deny the clients are reduced to nil. All one has to do is to purchase this plan within 63 days of losing employer coverage, and the company can't refuse to sell them any Medigap policy. Neither can they make them wait for the coverage to start or charge them more for the plan because of their health problems.

Bay Insurance is well known in the medicare space. Bay Insurance is a stable insurance company that has been around for quite some time. Depending on which plan one enrolls in, Bay Insurance has excellent benefits. Their mission is to build a healthier world. Being a leader in global health benefits, Bay Insurance helps senior citizens with Medicare supplement plans in Fort Myers and Lakeland, Florida covering the costs of outpatient, expenses, deductibles, skilled nursing facility care, diabetic supplies, durable medical equipment and much more.

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